1. clip, snip, nip, prune, pare; cut, bob, crop, shingle; shear, shave, fleece, pollard, poll, scalp, cut down to the quick; neaten, even up; shape, form, fashion, sculpt, sculp, sculpture.
2.Often trim off dock, bobtail, lop, chop, hack, cut off, saw off; remove, detach, amputate, cut out or away, eliminate.
3. fit, cut down, cut down to size, taper, tailor, hem, (both of clothing) take in, let out; pare down, plane, shave, whittle, chisel, carve, hew, scrape or sand down; reduce, diminish, decrease, cut back, retrench; shorten, truncate, abridge, abbreviate, cut short, curtail, Rare. obtruncate; digest, abstract, epitomize, summarize, brief, synopsize, boil down, condense, contract, compress, concentrate, put in a nutshell.
4. amend, revise, restyle, recast, remold, remodel; edit, blue-pencil, emend, emendate; adjust, modify, make fit or conform, make adjustments or changes in; shift, redistribute, rearrange, realign, reorganize, reorder, permutate; regulate, symmetrize, equalize, balance, level, coordinate.
5. edge, border, purfle, purl, fringe, befringe; embroider, bead, spangle, bespangel, stud, bestud, beset; bind, cover; decorate, adorn, embellish, ornament, garnish, festoon, Archaic. ouch, Archaic. dight; furbish, prink, prank, dress up, deck out, deck, bedeck, bedizen, trap out, accouter, attire, caparison; beautify, prettify, fix up, Inf. pretty up, Inf. spruce up, Inf. trick up, Inf. gussy up; brighten up, perk up, color, blazon, emblazon.
6.Informal.a. rebuke, reprove, reproach, reprehend, scold, chide, reprimand; admonish, call down,, call on the carpet, take [s.o.] to task, rap [s.o.'s] knuckles, slap [s.o.'s] wrists.b. spank, tan [s.o.'s] hide, thrash, flog, lash, switch, birch, scourge; Inf. lambaste, Inf. lace, Inf. thump, Inf. whale, Sl. whump, Sl. beat the tar out of, beat, batter, pummel.c. trounce, rout, beat by a mile, win by a landslide, Inf. whip, Inf. wallop, Sl. cream, Sl. pulverize, Sl. kill; vanquish, conquer, defeat, beat out, worst, win over.
7. be noncommittal, say nothing one way or the other, be vague or ambiguous; dodge, duck, fudge, shuffle, waffle, skirt the issue, fence, hem and haw, halt, weasel, doubletalk, palter, beat around the bush; walk a tightrope, tightrope, straddle the fence, Inf. talk out of both side's of one's mouth, play both ends against the middle; be politic, be diplomatic or tactful, watch one's every step, proceed cautiously or with caution, be careful, walk softly; hedge, play it safe, cover one's bets.
8. good shape or condition, proper adjustment, good working order, Inf. apple-pie order; trimness, spruceness, orderliness, organization, neatness, tidiness, Chiefly Brit. trigness.
9. trimming, edging, fringe, lace, rickrack, ribbon, braid, binding; embroidery, filigree, ornament, frill, flourish, flounce, furbelow, garnish, dressing, window dressing; decoration, ornamentation, ornament, adornment, embellishment; gingerbread, frippery, fol-derol, fuss, trappings, Sl. jazz, Sl. flash; spangle, sequins, tinsel, trinket, clinquant, bauble, gimcrack, gewgaw, trifle, Inf. doodad, Inf. fandangle, Archaic. ouch.
10. cut, clip, snip, pruning, paring; haircut, style, shaping, bob, crop, shingle, crewcut, summer cut.
11. clippings, cuttings, snip, snippet, shavings, sawdust; parings, peeling, sliver, shive, shard, thin slice or piece, shred, splinter; bit, scrap, fragment, remnant.
12. shipshape, orderly, in order, in place, well-organized, well-arranged, Inf. in apple-pie order; spruce, trig, neat, tidy, minion, well-groomed, well-kept, well-maintained; smart, sharp, dapper, natty, jaunty, nifty, nobby, well-dressed, well-turned-out, Sl. spiffy, Scot, and North Eng. braw; compact, condensed, concentrated, short and sweet, in a nutshell, in summary form, succinct.
13. fit, in good condition or shape, fit as a fiddle, in fine fettle, physically fit, ready for action; sleek, streamlined, clean, smooth; svelte, lithe, lithesome, lissome, willowy, slim, slender, thin, slight; lean, lanky, arrowy, solid, sinewy, all muscle, muscular, athletic.

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